At Woman to Woman Fertility Center we help make miracles. We aid couples and individuals seeking help to build a family. We provide both ovum and surrogates; and coordinate all the accompanying services. These include the management of legal and medical appointments, any travel arrangements and monetary disbursements. We have helped hundreds of couples through both the United States and internationally. Our close relationship with the area’s leading fertility physicians and programs speaks to our professionalism. We take great pride in each resulting birth and in the caring service we provide to each individual situation. In fact, we believe this is what sets us apart – our commitment, focus and desire to help.


  • “This was an extraordinary year for us. A trip to California in February gave us an opportunity to see our baby on ultrasound. July was clearly the finest month of them all with the arrival of our wonderful son!”
  • “We would like to thank you and your staff for all the coordination during our IVF process. What an incredible team effort it took to bring our girls into the world!!”
  • “What a fabulous service you offer! We could not be happier. We are crazy in love with our little men! Big hugs from the four of us.”
  • “We feel doubly blessed to have twins and are so happy to finally be parents. Our first Mother’s and Father’s Day were very special.”

Since 1992, Marlene Kaminsky has been at the heart of building families. Marlene has extensive, intimate and personal experience in helping couples and individuals become families. Working first with a legal fertility specialist, then with her own partnership and finally forming her own company, Marlene has been at the forefront of fertility issues, witnessing all the growth and changes throughout the industry. Marlene has mastered the process of choosing the right arrangement for each individual situation, drafting the contractual agreements, working with all Fertility Clinics specialists and assisting during the wonderful transition to parenthood.


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