Intended Parents Process

The Intended Parents process begins with meeting Marlene and reviewing the steps to achieving the goal of having a baby. You will review the meeting with the Gestational Carrier, review a sample agreement details and answering any questions.
Intended Parents will then meet with the center psychologist for a counseling session.

Once Intended Parents have chosen a Gestational Carrier’s profile, a meeting is arranged with the Gestational Carrier, typically in an environment were they can become familiar with each other.
Once they agree to work together, an agreement between the Intended Parents and WWFC is prepare while the Gestational Carrier completes her medical approval at the IVF Center chosen by the Intended Parents.  Intended Parents will then sign the agreement with WWFC and deposit the initial funds into an Independent Escrow Account.

When the Gestational Carrier is approved by the IVF Center, the agreement between the Intended Parents and Gestational Carrier is prepared, reviewed by their respective attorneys, and if necessary an addendum is developed, and once agreed, the documents are finalized and notarized.

Intended Parents will then deposit the balance of the Gestational Carrier’s fee in their Escrow Account.