Intended Parents FAQs

How long does it take to schedule an appointment with Marlene?

Generally, an appointment can be scheduled within one week after we are contacted.

How many surrogates/donors do you have in your book?

This number varies literally from day to day. On any given day we may be adding new donors/surrogates, as well as taking out those who are matched with a client, or no longer meet our age requirements, etc.

Where are the medical facilities you work with located?

We work with all IVF facilities throughout the Bay Area and many out-of-state ones.

Are the surrogates and egg donors doing this for the money?

Unequivocally, we can answer no. Egg donors are altruistic women, they want to help. They feel this is an egg, not a child. Surrogates love to be pregnant, and couldn’t imagine life without their own children. It is often a lifelong dream of theirs to help a couple.

Can I lose my child?

Over the many years, we have never had an egg donor interested in a child. Again, to them it is an egg, not a child. Our surrogates already have their own children. Their reasoning is to give a child, not to take one away.

Will these procedures effect my future fertility?

Although it is the consensus of physicians that these treatments are safe, they have not been done long enough for any far-reaching studies. We have not had a case of any long-lasting complications in our practice.

What are the expectations of surrogates and donors toward parents in terms of a relationship?

Surrogates don’t expect a relationship with parents or the child, but would appreciate pictures from time to time to record the child’s progress. If a relationship does naturally occur, both parties are obviously participating and want a relationship. 
Donors don’t want or expect a relationship; to them it is only an egg. However, if the resulting child at some point wants to meet with them it is usually arranged with the agreement of the parents.

What are the legal responsibilities of surrogates?

Our laws are favorable toward surrogacy. The birth certificate is prepared at the hospital with the names of the Intended Parents. This greatly expedites the process for the establishment of parental rights.

How and when should I tell my child about this?

Disclosure to the child should begin as early as possible. All children love to hear about their birth and it should be presented to them as part of their story.