Surrogacy FAQs

How long does it take to be matched with Intended Parents?
Generally, a match is done vey quickly. A meeting with the Intended Parent is schedule and if there is a mutual agreement to work together the medical records are sent to the Intended Parents IVF clinic for review and approval.
Where are the medical facilities you work with located?
We work with most (if not all) the IVF clinics throughout the Bay Area and many out-of-state facilities. This is typically Intended Parent dependent, once pregnant the IVF doctor will release you to the care of your Ob/Gyn.
What will be required of me before I become a surrogate?
The first step is to complete and submit an application. Once we meet, you will be schedule for a psychological evaluation. and then you will meet the Intended Parents you have chosen.
How long can I expect the entire process to take?
You should plan for the entire process to take between 12 to 18 months.
Will I have further contact with the Intended Parents once the child is born?
Over the many years, we have had surrogates and Intended Parents who have form a life long relationship. Many have had the Intended Parents second child. It will be a decision the Intended Parents and / or yourself will make as to what kind of future relationship you would like to have .
Will these procedures effect my future fertility?
It is the consensus of physicians that these procedures are safe, We have not had a case of any long-lasting complications in our practice.
What are my legal responsibilities as a surrogates?
Our laws are favorable toward surrogacy. The birth certificate is prepared at the hospital with the names of the intended parents. This greatly expedites the process for the establishment of parental rights.